Server Info

Players Online: 29

Version 83
Experience Rate: Custom
Meso Rate: 5x
Drop Rate: 5x


HD 1280x720 version
Download from Google Drive
Download from Mega
Download from Sync

Old 800x600 version
Download from Google Drive
Download from Mega
Download from Sync

(Latest files update: April 15, 2019)

Installation Instructions:
1. Extract the ZIP somewhere
2. Run MapleMS.exe

If MapleMS.exe gets removed by your anti-virus, you can download it separately here:
HD 1280x720 client
Old 800x600 client

MapleMS.exe keeps getting removed
Your anti-virus is incorrectly detecting MapleStory as a virus. Either disable your anti-virus, or add either MapleMS.exe or the entire MapleStory folder to the exclusion list.

Error Code: (The parameter is incorrect)
Right-click MapleMS.exe > Properties > Set the compatibility mode to Windows 98 or Windows XP, and also check 'Run as Administrator'

Error Code: (Unspecified error)
Check the refresh rate of your display monitor. MapleStory works best on 60 Hz refresh rate. MapleStory will NOT work if your monitor is set to 59 Hz.

Runtime or DLL error
If you see an error related to DLL files, try installing/updating VCRedist 2010.

.NET Framework error
If your error is related to .NET framework, try installing/updating .NET Framework 4.

When using Full Screen mode, I have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.
Go to your Video Card's Control Panel and set the scaling mode to Full Screen.
For NVIDIA video cards: Right-click on Desktop > NVIDIA Control Panel > Display > Adjust desktop size and position > Scaling mode = Full-screen
For AMD Radeon video cards: Right-click on Desktop > AMD Radeon Settings > Display > GPU Scaling = On, Scaling Mode = Full panel

Still not working?
Ask in our Discord, we will be glad to help you out.