Server Info

Players Online: 25

Version 83
Experience Rate: Custom
Meso Rate: 5x
Drop Rate: 5x

Welcome to MapleMS!

For people who like the Pre-BB experience but get bored of grinding at higher levels.

  • Max. Level 250 for all jobs, except for Knights of Cygnus to Level 200.
  • Aran skills unlocked without questline.
  • Talk to Agent E to upgrade Maple weapons to Lv. 64.
  • ITCG items can be acquired from Gachapon
  • Trade button warps to FM.
  • All mobs have chance to drop CS/WS
  • Custom NX, Hairs, Faces, from newer versions
  • Ulu city, Ninja Castle, CZak, CHT, and more

Make sure to vote daily for 8K NX!

Donators get VIP Rank